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Friday, October 19, 2012

pricing 101

It is very simple. Every agency has a different pricing policy. Every agency has a different royalty rate structure, that is how much of what the customer pays actually goes to the artists pocket. Every agency has the exact same version of my files available for sale.

This is how it works. At istockphoto you pay $146 I get $23, shutterstock you pay $79 artists get $23, revostock you pay $65 I get $29, finally pond5 you pay $59 I get $30.

I think you know by know which is 
the agency I recommend licensing my stock footage at

The example is based on full HD one file purchase. No subscription plan beats what I can offer at Pond5. For other resolution use revostock. On some agencies there are different rates for different artists. With the last two agencies the artist decides the price. What you see in the example is a flat rate for all of my full HD files.

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